Request submitted. If successful, There should soon be a pop-up window on your screen, prompting you to save your certificate file on your computer.

We recommend that you save this file to your desktop where it will be easy to find. The downloaded certificate file is encrypted using the password that you provide when you submit your certificate request to this web site. You will need to use this same password when you import your certificate into applications such as the UVa-Anywhere Cisco VPN client.

In order to obtain a certificate you will first need to provide some personal information below.

This information will be used to confirm that you are authorized to have an account at the University of Virginia. Your entries must match official UVa records exactly.

UVa computing ID (e.g. mst3k)
A password you use for NetBadge (Students must have completed all steps of the identity verification process)
Last name
9-digit University ID number (printed on your University ID Card)
Birthdate in the format YYYYMMDD (e.g.; 19950610 for June 10, 1995)